About Nabeel Khan

He believes that nothing is impossible and always has been passionate about building great stuff. He started off with his adventure when he was in his 6th grade, got fascinated by machine language and went on learning all those strange symbols found in .exe files. He didn’t stop until he wrote one without a compiler, that was one of his crazy achievements after that he never stopped. Back in the windows 3.0 days he learnt assembly, C++ until he decided to build an operating system of his own.

After having some fun he knew he needed to make some real money to support his bigger plans and went on building / selling his first software for the retail industry. Over the course of his journey he has mastered in design, mobile, web and game development and the science behind launching a product and it’s virality.

While doing his bachelors in Computer Science he managed to get himself into the freelance world quiet early, this was the best thing that ever happened to his career.

He co-founded his first company Xionflux (PVT) LTD back in 2007, founded megoh.com his first stab at social networking. After learning the hard lessons he got involved in couple of other successful ventures along the way, kept evolving and got involved in hundreds of diversified projects with various clients through out the world.

Some of the domains / Products he own’s:

TaskItem, LLC.



Theme Next

Side Lance